BVRA Pre Season Conditioning Camp & Pre Season Goalie Session & Pre Season 3 X 3 Registration open.

Registration is open for Pre Season camps & 3 x 3 - Registration closes August 4, 2019.

Conditioning Camp- 4 sessions $90.00 includes a Jersey. 

Goalie Camp- 2 Sessions Cost $25.00 

3 X 3 - 5 games Starting Last week August into September. Cost $100.00 includes a Jersey. 



BVRA Pre Season Camp & Fall 3 x 3 Coming soon

BVRA once again will be holding Pre Season Camp last week of August and first week of September.

Fall 3 x 3 will be last week of August and month of September.

Registration and more information coming soon...



BVRA Jersey # Selection Process for Upcoming Season 2019-2020


BVRA sent out a a few weeks ago the Jersey format we had proposed, please disregard that format. We will be doing the below format.

BVRA is striving to make as many players as possible happy with the new Jersey/# amalgamation. We have come up with a new format. It is a bit more complicated/more work- but the only way to make it work, as we have 5 age groups that overlap. 

New Format:

At registration online you will be asked the following:

Pick 2 (two)  #'s from each block-

Block 1- # 1-33

Block 2- # 36-66

Block 3-# 67-99

Once you have picked numbers in each block, You will be asked to rank the  6 #'s from 1-6. 1 being want the most.

Please note the following #'s will be blocked- #'s 34.35.69, 00

Example of number picking:

Jane Doe picked:

Block 1 - 5 & 10

Block 2- 40 & 66

Block 3- 70 & 99

Next- Rank in order - #1 ( wants most) - # 66

                                  # 2 (second choice) - # 99

                                 # 3-(third choice) - # 5

                                 # 4- (fourth choice) - #10

                                # 5- (fifth choice ) - # 40

                                # 6 - (sixth choice) - # 70


If for some reason we can not accommodate a players top 6 numbers- we will contact you to choose another number.

Please note- numbers will be assigned in order of registration received. Once a number is picked that overlaps with other groups that player plays with, it becomes not available. Example- # 66 is picked by Jane Doe she is first to register and has birth year of 2004. This means  #66 is not available for any one else in the birth years of 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006. It would be available for some one in 2001 or 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011.


REMINDER TWO SIZING DATES LEFT- Extremely important you know the size of Jersey needed when Register. As this is needed to complete registration. There will be no changing sizes or numbers after registration has been submitted. We have Goalie Sizes to try for goalies.

Sizing dates - Wednesday July 17- 6:00 pm- 8;00 pm - Winakawa CC MPR #2

Monday August 12 - 6:00 PM- 8:00 PM- Winakwa CC MPR # 2

We will be placing Jersey order by August 23 to ensure we have Jerseys on time for the season.




BVRA Registration R 4U-U19 Information 2019-2020 Season

BVRA Registration for the  2019-2020 Season will be:

Friday July 19 - August 18 2019. Registration online. Payment is by credit cards or Visa Debit cards.

Please note the following information when register-

  • Registration fee covers, Wrl, RM and BVRA fees for game ice, refs, minor officials, insurance. **Fees do not include practice ice, tournament costs, Coaches determine team fees/costs at beginnng of season to be paid to players teams
  • Jerseys- This year BVRA is changing to players purchase jersey format. (mandatory) Players will be charged automatically at registration for two Jersesys. This will be added to Registration fee at checkout. U10 -U19 only. Not R4 U players,
  • BVRA will be subsidizing a portion of the Jerseys for this season only.
  • A Tryouts- in order to register for U12 A, U14 A, U16 A, U19 A Tryouts you must be registered and paid.
  • A Tryout Registration is a seperate tab- registration fee.


Registration fees, Tryout fees and Jersey fees have not been finalized yet, as we are waiting for costs from WRL. Once we have this information- we will send it out.

If a player requires subidy for registration fee- please email- &

 July 2019 



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