Jersey Sizing & Registration Information

Just a reminder the second BVRA Jersey Fitting is this:

Wednesday July 17 - 6:00 pm-8:00 pm at Winakwa Community Centre-MPR #2 Upstairs

Last fitting- is on Monday August 12- 6:00 pm-8:00 pm at Winakwa Community Centre- MPR #2 Upstairs.

**Please bring shoulder pads and elbow pads. If goalie-bring chest protector. 

Note- jersey size is mandatory when register for season.



Registration will open on Friday July 19 at 8:00 am and will close Sunday August 18. 

The following is the initial Registration Cost for the season- this fee covers- Ringette Manitoba fees, Wrl fees- games, refs, minor officials. This fee does not cover team costs- for practice ice, tournaments, dryland etc.

R 4U- $450.00

U10- $420.00

U12- $440.00




COMMUNITY CLUB FEE: will be added at registration total: Charge is based on address-Community Club belong to. These fees the Community Clubs set. 

Dakota $40.00

Greendell $50.00

Glenwood $25.00

Southdale $30.00

Winakwa $20.00



Try out fee- If trying out for U12 A, U14 A, U16 A, U19 A- there is a $75.00 tryout fee. You need to register for tryouts separate. Register on the tryout tab. 


Purchasing two jerseys this season is Mandatory. The cost  for two is $110.00-  ($55.00 per jersey) BVRA will be subsidizing $20.00 per player for jerseys for this season only. Jersey cost will be $90.00 total and added to end of registration. 


Please note- anyone requiring subsidy for registration, please contact Tina Carlson-BVRA Registrar at

Subsidy will only cover part of registration. It does not cover Community Club Fees, Jersey fee or team fees. If applying for subsidy at registration you will need to pay for Community Club fee & Jersey Fee at registration. 


If register after August 18 for R4U- U19- there will be late fees of $50.00 added. Please also note- this may mean Jersey may be delayed. 


As per BVRA Constitution- there is no refunds allowed after October 1st. No exceptions. Refunds before October St will be charged $50.00 administration fee. This will be deducted from refund. 


BVRA Coaching application for the 2019-2020 Season is now on line. If you have interest in being Head Coach, Assistant Coach, Apprentice Coach, Junior Coach, R4 U coach, manager please apply now. Deadline is Sunday August 18. 

BVRA tryout schedule(tentative schedule) is posted on BVRA Website. 

Reminder BVRA Pre Season Camp, Pre Season Goalie Camp and pre season 3 x 3 registration is open. This closes August 5.

If you have any questions, please email-




BVRA 2019 Tryout Schedule- Subject to change

Below is the Tentative BVRA A/B  Tryout/Evaluation Schedule - Please note time/dates may change. More Information will be sent out after registration closes. Note U10 players will be moved around in groups through out the evaluation. 

Thursday Sept 5- 7:10pm- Dakota North- U16 A- Scrimmage 1

                Sept 5- 8:20pm- Dakota North- U19 A- Scrimmage 1

                Sept 5- 7;40 pm- Dakota South- A Goalies 


Friday Sept 6- 6:00 pm Dakota North- U10 Group 1- Skills

           Sept 6- 7:10 pm Dakota North - U12 A - Skills

           Sept 6- 8:20 pm- Dakota North- U16A- Scrimmage 2


Saturday Sept 7- 8:20 am- Dakota North- U10 Group 2- Skills

               Sept 7-9:30 am- Dakota North- U14 A- Skills

               Sept 7-10:40 am- Dakota North- U12 A- Scrimmage 1

               Sept 7- 11:50 am- Dakota North- U19 A- Scrimmage 2


Sunday Sept 8- 8:20 am- Dakota North- U10 A- Group 1 -Scrimmage

             Sept 8-9:30 am- Dakota North U14A- Scrimmage 1

             Sept 8-10:40 am- Dakota North U16 A- Scrimmage 3 

             Sept 8- 11:50 am Dakota North U19 A- Scrimmage 3


Monday Sept 9- 5:20 pm Dakota South  U10 Group 2 Scrimmage 1

             Sept 9- 6:30 pm Dakota South U12 A- Scrimmage 2


Tuesday Sept 10- 5:20 pm - Glenwood - U10 Group 1- Scrimmage 2

               Sept 10- 6:30 pm- Glenwood- U10 Group 2- Scrimmage 2

               Sept 10- 7:40 pm- Glenwood - U19 A -Scrimmage 4


Wednesday Sept 11- 5:20 pm- Dakota South- U12 A-Scrimmage 3

                    Sept 11- 6:30 pm- Dakota South - U14 A- Scrimmage 2


Thursday Sept 12- 7:40 pm- Dakota South- U14 A- Scrimmage 3

                Sept 12- 8:50 pm- Dakota South- U16 A- Scrimmage 4


Friday Sept 13- 5:50 pm- Glenwood- U10 Group 1- Scrimmage 3

           Sept 13- 7:00 pm- Glenwood- U10 Group 2- Scrimmage 3


Sunday Sept 15- 8:20 am- Dakota North - U12 B -Skills

              Sept 15- 9:30 am- Dakota North- U14 B- Skills

              Sept 15- 10:40 am- Dakota North- U16 B- Scrimmage 1

              Sept 15- 11:50 am- Dakota North- U19 B- Scrimmage 1


Monday Sept 16- 6:00 pm- Dakota North- B Goalies-Skills

              Sept 16-7:10 pm- Dakota North- U12 B-Scrimmage 


Wednesday- Sept 18- 5:20 pm- Dakota South- U14 B- Scrimmage

                     Sept 18- 6:30 pm- Dakota South- U16 B- Scrimmage 2

                     Sept 18- 7:40 pm- Dakota South U19 B- Scrimmage 2





BVRA Online Coaching Application Process is Now Available

The online coaching application process for interested applicants is now live and online. Please click on the red REGISTRATION button on the top right corner and proceed with the steps. 

Applications are being accepted until August 18th.

Thank you.


Pre Season Camp Times


BVRA Pre Season Camp- 4 ice sessions $90.00 includes Jersey All at Dakota Arena 

Session 1- Monday August 26 - 7:10 pm -U12/U14

                                                 -8:50 pm - U16/U19

                  Tuesday August 27 - 4:50 pm - R 4U/U10.      

  Session 2    - Thursday August 29 - 5:20pm - R4U/U10

                                                            7:10 pm-U12/U14

                                                            8:50 pm-U16/U19.                      

Session 3- Monday Sept 2- 6:00 pm - R4U/U10

                                             7:10 pm-U12/U14

                                             8:20 pm- U16/U19

Session 4- Tuesday Sept 3 - 5:20 pm -R4U/U10

                                              -6:30 pm -U12/U14

                                             - 7:40 pm- U16/U19          


Pre Season Goalie Sessions 2 Sessions $25.00

Session 1      - August 27 -5:20 pm

Session 2 - Sept 4 -6:30 pm 

BVRA 3 x 3 last week August - Sept 2019. We will work around pre season camp and tryouts. Cost 100.00 5 games. Goalies Free. Goalies- Please don’t pay. 


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